Dear Visitor, because of the actions of the Dutch Goverment against the COVID-19 virus, all agency's in Amsterdam & The Netherlands are put to a halt for safety reasons. Our agency is currently closed untill further notice. Please be safe & take care of your personal health. Sincerely, Area Escort Service in Amsterdam.

We are opened from 15:00 tot 06:00 AM.

Order the most exclusive escorts in Holland - delivery starting from 30 minutes.

Hotel escort service

If you happen to spend the night over in a hotel in Holland you can give us a call for service. We deliver in the best populair and most known hotels available. Some customers wonder if hotel escort is legal. It is'nt illegal to recieve a guest into your hotel with intention to only stay for a short period of time and not spend the night. Some other agencies tend to charge extra for hotel delivery. At AREA escort we do not charge extra for service in Hotels. We offer erotic massage, intimacy or companionship starting from 1 hour or longer. Call us now.

Hotel escort service